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Journey to “What If”

Doc Honour’s future tells us a lot about today. What if humankind destroys itself on world after world? What if you’re on one of the last worlds remaining, and things are falling apart? And what if you still want to live a full and rewarding life?

Not Like Us

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How do you escape total socialism? Jake Palatin is forced to develop an antimatter bomb on the planet Verdant, where global war using his technology is terrifyingly close.  Zofia, a woman with a secret, tempts him to resist. She also has a solution, a new technology to save humanity.

Fleeing in desperation, they confront a powerful foe who holds everything in totalitarian control. They must learn to trust each other while facing oppressive police, devious leaders, and a war that could break out at any instant. Danger looms at every step, while love threatens to derail all their plans.

Success is crucial. One mistake, and Verdant will go the way of a dozen other worlds, including old Earth: dead to everything.

Humanity destroys every world it touches. Jake and Zofia hold the key.

Tales of Verdant

(Coming soon)

Verdant is a beautiful planet, but four countries hate each other so much, war seems inevitable. Twelve stories of people who want to live full, rich lives even in the end of times. Marta meets a school teacher caught between two cultures. Jake and Zofia scurry to stop a war. Soren must enforce laws that change daily. 

Their lives, like ours, stagger on the verge of annihilation.

Upcoming Destinations

Worlds and places that fire the imagination while telling us more about ourselves.

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